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After Christmas

This blog will occasionally include poetry. Here is my latest effort: After Christmas  It’s the season when the dust is mingled with bits of tinsel and lost sparkles (reminders of imparted love, joy and peace departed) until it all is swept away in the routine of weekly chores.

A Confusing Time

This is not a political blog, but it will occasionally include comments on political issues. This is a confusing time in Canadian politics. The Liberal Party has an NDP leader. The New Democratic Party has a Separatist leader. And the Separatist Party has no leader. No wonder Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party are in […]

A Couple of Observations

• Call me miserly, but I’m not going to throw away a perfectly good comb just because it’s old and missing a few teeth. I’m concerned about setting a precedent. • Having a computer is like having a perfectly competent secretary who only understands Swahili. She will do marvelously wonderful things for you as long […]

Who’s Grace? Announcement:

As a friend of mine said, I often feel that I am on the trailing edge of technology.  But I am trying to catch up.  Not only have I begun to blog, but my books have also entered the electronic age. Moody Publications has now made the first of my murder mysteries (Who’s Grace?) available […]

To Blog or Not to Blog

Why would I want to write a blog? The answer is quite simple: Writers write. Writers write as surely as fish swim and birds fly and singers sing and dancers dance.  What will I blog about here? Again, the answer is simple: The things I care about. I will blog primarily about books and writing […]