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Having read hundreds of murder mysteries, good, mediocre and terrible, (and even having scribbled a few myself), I’ve come to a startling conclusion: People read murder mysteries for the mystery.  It’s the mental puzzle that attracts. Readers want to see if they can figure out “whodunit” before the writer solves the mystery and reveals the […]

My Carpet’s Cleaner Than Yours

My father could fix anything.  My brother can fix anything.  I am a writer.  Oh sure, the prestige is nice. But that didn’t stop my wife from having second thoughts about the wisdom of marrying me when our carpet cleaner broke down.  We bought this machine a few years ago because we decided it would […]

Writers and editors don’t get no recognition

Being a writer and editor is complicated, and it gets even more complicated at income tax time.  Filling in the return for my freelance writing and editing work takes weeks rather than days.   One of the most confusing things is choosing the “industry code” for my work. The Business and Professional Income Tax Guide, provided […]