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Boys’ Books

I was recently asked for recommendations for books for boys. There seem to be many more books available for girls, and it is harder to get boys to read. I thought it might be helpful to post my answers here.

 There are a lot of good authors from older eras, of course, such as Rudyard Kipling, Robert Louis Stevenson, Joseph Conrad, Alexandre Dumas, and Mark Twain. But here are some more contemporary authors. 

 Sigmund Brouwer writes sports and adventure stories, many geared to boys: http://www.sigmundbrouwer.com/

 Rick Osborne has produced books for parents but also books such as The Boys Bible, Bible Heroes and Bad Guys, Weird and Gross Bible Stuff, Bible Wars and Weapons, and Creepy Creatures and Bizarre Beasts from the Bible: http://rick-osborne.com/

Both Brouwer and Osborne are Canadian.

John Grisham, the very popular American novelist, has also begun writing books for boys. So far, he has produced:

                Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

                Theodore Boone: The Abduction

                Theodore Boone: The Accused

Interestingly, these are not listed on his official website: http://www.jgrisham.com/

One comment on “Boys’ Books

  1. Hey interesting. We’ve been reading a book called “Weird”..

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