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Miscellaneous Thoughts

A Canadian is someone whose primary loyalty is to the nation from which his ancestors fled in order to escape persecution or poverty.

Drummers travel to a different beat. They are flakey, like hockey goaltenders. I remember a time when our high school bandmaster stopped our band in the middle of practice to ask the drummers, “Is that what is written in your music?” The drummers stopped, looked at each other and then opened their music book. They didn’t care what they were supposed to be playing or whatever the rest of the band was playing. They just played what felt right to them.

My beard, which used to be red, is now white. It seems appropriate somehow. My kids have been convinced for a long time that I’m Santa Claus.

My daughter was going to take her kids to see Santa Claus, but the mall was charging $30 so she decided not to. I told her that was okay—I would put on a red coat and make the kids cry for free.


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