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Twice upon a Time

The handsome prince kissed the beautiful sleeping princess, and she woke up. They got married and lived happily ever after. That was in the good old days when writers could write stories they way they should be written. Nowadays, the story would have to go something like this: The handsome prince kissed the beautiful sleeping […]


“Dad,” my daughter said on the phone. “There’s yellow oil coming out from under my refrigerator. Is that bad?” “It’s not good,” I answered. “How old is the fridge?” “I don’t know, but it was seventeen years old when we bought the place three years ago.” Did I mention my daughter is an accountant? “What […]

Under the Dome Too

It was to be expected, really. There was only one fictional character on TV named Coggins—on the CBS summer drama Under the Dome. But the character was suddenly killed off—murdered—after only a few episodes.  It was scarcely surprising. As anybody named Coggins knows, fame—like hair—is soon gone.