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Save a Tree

This month, another utility company is urging me to “save a tree” and switch to “paperless billing.” That is, they want to email my monthly bill to me rather than mailing it. It’s a little step I can take to protect the environment, the company says. As an encouragement to take this environmentally friendly step, […]

It’s Not Funny

Some people think I’m funny. Not necessarily in a good way. I enjoy humour—funny books, funny TV shows, and funny movies—as much as the next man. Whoever he is. I make no claims to be an expert on what comedy is. But I do have some ideas about what comedy isn’t. 1. Crudeness is not […]

The King James Version of the New Testament

A friend forwarded to me a short statement that had apparently been posted on the website of the Progressive Secular Humanist Examiner. I have been unable to find the original post, but the group’s Facebook page is: The statement is as follows: The King James version of the New Testament was completed in 1611 […]