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One of the most interesting projects I was involved in last year was editing a novel titled Horn, written by first-time novelist Timothy Lewthwaite. The project was referred to me by the highly skilled designer on the project, Fiona Raven.  Horn reminds me of the work of Michael Crichton. Crichton, who was trained as a […]

Growing Wild

I am pleased to announce that we have gone green. Or organic. Or wild. I am not a professional gardener, so I am not sure of the precise term. What I mean is that we have converted the big flower garden in our back yard to a wildflower garden. For years, we tried to maintain […]

It’s Automatic

The latest trend in automobile design is cars that will park themselves. I understand why this feature is so attractive. Parallel parking is a very complex operation. It involves using mirrors, backing up, steering, knowing exactly where all four corners of the vehicle are, and manoeuvring the car in a restricted space. In short, it […]