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A Home Town Is Not Without Honour

We never seem to appreciate local wonders until we see them through strangers’ eyes.

The burgeoning British Columbia television and movie industry has generated a new pastime for British Columbians—location spotting.

Storybrooke, Maine, (from the TV show Once Upon a Time) is apparently the fishing village of Steveston, BC.

BC Place and Canada Place in the Vancouver skyline looked appropriately futuristic enough to represent the year 2048 in the television show Almost Human.

The older science fiction show Stargate was also filmed locally. It struck me that, as the cast zipped around the universe through stargates, every planet that they landed on, no matter how remote, looked just like British Columbia, and all of the aliens they encountered spoke perfect English.

It is so hard for us human beings to imagine new worlds radically different from our own.

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