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Want to Feel Smarter?

I have discovered a TV program that makes me more intelligent. Well, at least feel more intelligent.

It is The Science of Stupid on the National Geographic channel. The show consists of home movies of people doing stupid things and then the host (Seth Herzog, later replaced by Manish Paul) explaining the laws of physics that led to the unfortunate result. I suspect that the makers of the home movies sold them to the show in exchange for money to help with their medical bills.

For example:

When jumping off the roof of a house into a swimming pool:

Rule #1: Make sure you land in the pool, not on the cement beside the pool.

Result: Two broken heels.

When jumping off a roof onto an oversized beach ball:

Rule #1: Make sure you land on the ball, not on the ground beside the ball.

Result: Two broken vertebrae.

When pouring $45 worth of gasoline onto a big pile of old wood and branches in order to get the fire started more quickly:

Be aware that the real danger is not the gasoline but the highly explosive vapour cloud from the evaporating gasoline that flows down from the pile of wood toward the person holding the match.

Rule #1…There are no rules. Don’t do this.

When jumping onto a moving treadmill while bouncing on a pogo stick:

…Why would you even think this was a good idea?

When testing out your homemade bullet-proof vest:

There is no point in asking why anyone would think that creating such a device is so unimportant that it can safely be left to amateurs. And there is no use asking why these people decided to test the device on a living human being rather than on a dummy. In this case, it amounts to the same thing. The most important thing to remember is…

Rule #1: Make sure you hit the vest, not some body part above the vest.




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