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Saving Hope

Saving Hope is a fascinating Canadian TV drama set in a hospital (Hope Zion in Toronto), which recently wrapped up its third season. The unique premise is that Dr. Charlie Harris has recovered and returned to work after having been in a coma for several months following an automobile accident. A lingering effect of the coma is that he can now see and talk to the “ghosts” of other patients who are unconscious, who are in a coma, or who have recently died. These patients reveal information to Charlie that he uses to treat their medical problems, as well as their relationship problems. Of course, he cannot tell anyone the source of his remarkable inside knowledge.

It is the religious aspects of the show that interest me. The name of the hospital, Hope Zion, has religious implications. The show explores life, death, the meaning of life, and the possibility of an afterlife, all of which have spiritual connotations.

I am not suggesting that the show is in any way Christian. The characters show little evidence of religious faith. Like many others in modern society, they can’t figure out why casual sexual with multiple partners does not lead to lasting, trusting relationships; instead, it leads to confusion, jealousy, abandonment, single parenting, and messed-up children.

Thus, I find the relationship struggles of the characters less interesting than Charlie’s remarkable gift. Perhaps there is an unintended Christian parallel between Charlie and Christians, who go about doing good, aided by the guidance of a (Holy) Ghost that no one else around sees or believes in. Like Christians, Charlie remains an enigma to those around him, who can’t understand because they refuse to believe in the supernatural.


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