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Super TV

There is an intriguing (and somewhat disturbing) theme in the new TV season. Many of the new programs feature human beings with enhanced abilities. There is Supergirl, of course, the feminine version of Superman. This program continues the myth so common in TV crime dramas that the toughest people in a street fight are not […]


There is an old platitude that says that governments are defeated, not elected. In other words, voters tend not to vote for a new party based on what they expect that party to do but against the current party in power based on what that government has already done. The corollary is that the longer […]

A Darkness More Than Night

“You don’t go into the darkness without the darkness going into you,” Michael Connelly says in his novel, A Darkness More Than Night. It is one of the very interesting and highly successful murder mysteries Connelly has written. In this book and several other books, Connelly’s characters also talk about “lost light,” an unexpected and […]

A Ming Vase Would Be Cheaper

When my wife named our cat Ming, I knew she was going to be expensive. The cat, that is, not my wife. I already knew my wife was going to be expensive. The cat’s name is appropriate because Ming is lazy, likes to eat, and is, as a result, shaped somewhat like a vase. Rather […]