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Medical Care in Its Infancy


I had an appointment with a doctor today. Apparently, I have dots all over my body, my temperature is 115, my heart is beating very fast, one of my eyes is about to pop out, I have a loose tooth, my stomach hurts, I am having trouble breathing, and I am going to be sick for 100 days.


 This all came about because a while ago we bought a doctor kit for the grandchildren to play with. They decided to practise on me.


The pain in my stomach is probably because one grandson is sitting on it and jumping up and down. I am having trouble breathing because another grandson has his foot on my throat.


Fortunately, medical help is close by. The doctor and his assistants tapped me with a hammer all over my body, gave me 150 needles, and dumped a bottle of medicine into my mouth, along with assorted Lego pieces and other toys. He also pulled out the loose tooth and drilled another tooth with the drill from the toy tool kit.


Okay, so they may not be the best doctors in the world, and they might not have given me the best medical care, but at least I can get an appointment.




One comment on “Medical Care in Its Infancy

  1. Hilarious Jim! You scared me for a moment until you said your temp was 115 and I caught on! LOL!

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