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To Make a Difference

We all want to make our mark in the world. To be significant. To make a difference.

Sadly, too many people in our world choose to do it the easy way—by destroying something, by tearing something down, by wrecking something. To use a gun or a bomb to kill other people takes no great skill or talent. The people who do this aren’t creative or inventive. They take something that someone else has invented and use it to harm other people. It takes no great ability or sustained effort to kill or injure someone, blow something up, burn something down, vandalize a building or monument. Any moron can do it. Needlessly causing destruction is an act of plain selfishness, an attempt to demonstrate one’s own importance at the expense of other people. The perpetrators do not deserve the media attention they get.

The other way to make a difference in the world is much harder. Anyone can take a life. It is much harder to save one. If you really want to be significant, to make your mark, try doing something constructive. Find a cure for cancer. Found a school, or, better yet, teach in one for forty years. Build a bridge. Heal the sick. Comfort the brokenhearted. Offer hope. Feed the hungry. Clothe the naked. Teach the ignorant. Shelter the homeless. Love your children. Be faithful to your spouse. Be a friend. Smile. That is the way of love. Such acts rarely get much media attention. They are acts of selflessness, not selfishness.

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