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The Machinery

This is not a poetry blog, but occasionally I will post new poems such as the one below:   The machinery is old, repeatedly breaking down. Some parts have been repaired, others replaced entirely. Some are missing. Increasingly, it is taking an inordinate amount of time and energy just to keep the machinery running, with […]

The Democrats’ Dilemma

Members of the Democratic Party in the United States seem to have learned little in the past few months. As Donald Trump’s ridiculous and dangerous words and deeds mount up, they conclude, “See, we told you. Americans should have voted for Hillary Clinton.” Hillary Clinton herself is on a book tour whose purpose seems to […]

Hollywood Is Not Holywood

For years, Hollywood has been producing movies and TV shows focused on sex and violence. Harvey Weinstein’s Miramax Films and the other companies he was involved with were often at the head of the pack. Who could have guessed that what Hollywood’s leaders were putting on the screen they were also practicing behind the screen? […]

Replacement Policy

“What do you mean my coverage has been denied?” “I’m sorry, Mr. Grey. It’s company policy. This is the third total replacement claim you have made in—what?—a year.” “Well…” “Precisely. The company can’t keep covering these losses.” “But I need the replacement. It is vital for my work.” “That may be, but that is your […]