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Hollywood Is Not Holywood

For years, Hollywood has been producing movies and TV shows focused on sex and violence. Harvey Weinstein’s Miramax Films and the other companies he was involved with were often at the head of the pack. Who could have guessed that what Hollywood’s leaders were putting on the screen they were also practicing behind the screen?

The promotional material put out by actresses’ agents and publicists often outlines how much on-screen nudity and sexual activity the actresses are willing to engage in. What they will do behind the scenes is not put into writing. However, for generations, there has been a tradition of Hollywood actresses “sleeping their way to the top.” It was a trade-off that at least some actresses were willing to make—as long as they got the part. The odd thing, perhaps, is that these actresses expected the unscrupulous producers and directors they were dealing with to hold up their end of the bargain.

Make no mistake. People who use their position of power to gratify their own sexual desires are predators who deserve to be in prison (as I am sure Bill Clinton would agree).

It is also true that there are actresses, actors, directors, and producers who do not engage in immoral practices, either on screen or off. There are undoubtedly innocent victims who were sexually abused without even a hint of consent.

And it is a good thing that actresses are now speaking out against the sexual abuse going on in their industry. It might be a little more convincing if some of the actresses speaking out weren’t dressed provocatively, but why quibble?

It is just that I get a little cynical when Hollywood starts lecturing the rest of society on moral issues.



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