Does the NHL Discriminate against Canadian Teams?

Seven of the 31 current National Hockey League teams are Canadian. That is, Canadian teams make up about 30% of the teams, and so, on average, they should make up about 30% of the Stanley Cup winners. Stated another way, a Canadian team should win the Stanley Cup about once every three or four years. […]

Belated Reflections on the London Atrocity

It has been a few weeks since 20-year-old Nathaniel Veltman ran down a Muslim family in London, Ontario. It was a horrific and senseless violent act. Since then, there have been rallies against Islamophobia and racism across Canada. Canada’s House of Commons has unanimously passed a resolution calling for an emergency summit to combat Islamophobia. […]

Canadian Rights and Freedoms

Human rights are under attack in Canada. This is scarcely surprising. Throughout history, human rights have always proved to be fragile and endangered. Perhaps what is surprising is that human rights are particularly being threatened by the son of the man who insisted that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms be embedded into the Canadian […]

Prediction: The Vancouver Canucks Will Make the Playoffs Next Year

Anyone who bets on sports is an idiot. An individual player’s performance can be affected by many things: an injury, an accident, an illness, depression, loss of confidence, practice, an addiction, divorce, a fight with a girlfriend, a death in the family. Not to mention luck. The difference between a goal and a goalpost is […]

Protestors and Activists

TV news tells us what we need to know: • “Protestors block logging operation for six months.” • “Climate activists shut down bridge.” • “Protestors blockade pipeline construction. But the news does NOT always tell us what we WANT to know. For instance, one of the things I would like to know and the news […]

Getting to the Bottom of Things

Raising sons can be challenging. Consider the following conversation. The mother says, “I have just been folding the laundry.” The seven-year-old shrugs. This is a topic that clearly holds no interest for him. The mother continues, “Can you explain why your little brother changed his underwear nine times last week and you only changed yours […]

Erratic and Ineffectual

Recent events have confirmed my assessment that Donald Trump is dangerous because he is erratic but not so dangerous because he is ineffectual. He talks a lot (a lot!), but he doesn’t do much. He doesn’t follow through. He has been far more focused on tweeting on Twitter than on issuing orders to the administrators […]

Church, State, and the Pandemic

I will state at the outset that during the current surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically in our geographic area where worship services have been suspended by health authorities, I am convinced that churches should not be meeting. That is, I don’t believe the minority idea, more common in US churches than Canadian churches, that […]

Fake News

Donald Trump is a buffoon who lives in a world fabricated out of his own delusions. He is able to dismiss any unpleasant reality as “fake news.” A racist police officer shooting an innocent black man? Fake news. Economic problems? Fake news. A pandemic raging across the country? Fake news. Trump lost the 2020 election […]

Financial Folly

Imagine that you earn $33,000 a year. It is a moderate income. But you like to spend money, and so you habitually spend about $2,000 more each year than you bring in in income. Five years ago, you were $50,000 in debt. As a result of your recent overspending, you are now $60,000 in debt. […]