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Guardians of the Dead

They hurried to tell the news, a tale of light and power and life, to unbelieving believers hardly daring to hope, the well-known story told by women to fishermen.   Others also reported the news, with less haste and eagerness, a tale of lightning and shaking and fear, to believing unbelievers, the lesser known story […]

The Machinery

This is not a poetry blog, but occasionally I will post new poems such as the one below:   The machinery is old, repeatedly breaking down. Some parts have been repaired, others replaced entirely. Some are missing. Increasingly, it is taking an inordinate amount of time and energy just to keep the machinery running, with […]

After Christmas

Now that Christmas is over, we return to reality. Perhaps that explains why, once again this year, I became wearied with the trappings of Christmas—all the sappy sentimentality and silly pretense. Even the newspapers and television news programs—the supposed messengers of truth and reality in our society—blithely reported the myth of Santa Claus as if […]

The Return of John Smyth

He’s back! After a long hiatus, John Smyth is back. By day, he’s the mild-mannered editor of Grace magazine. By night…he’s still the mild-mannered editor of Grace magazine, but he sometimes solves murders. I am pleased to announce that the fourth John Smyth Mystery has just been published by my own publishing imprint, Mill Lake […]

Twice upon a Time

The handsome prince kissed the beautiful sleeping princess, and she woke up. They got married and lived happily ever after. That was in the good old days when writers could write stories they way they should be written. Nowadays, the story would have to go something like this: The handsome prince kissed the beautiful sleeping […]


“Dad,” my daughter said on the phone. “There’s yellow oil coming out from under my refrigerator. Is that bad?” “It’s not good,” I answered. “How old is the fridge?” “I don’t know, but it was seventeen years old when we bought the place three years ago.” Did I mention my daughter is an accountant? “What […]


  Hello, pastor. Thanks for stopping by. Pastors don’t seem to visit much anymore. Guess they’re off doing something more important.  I hope you don’t mind if I keep on weeding while we talk. I find if I don’t get a good start early, the work just gets harder later on.  See, when the plants […]

Uneven Country

While Toronto freezes and sneezes and Winnipeg digs snow as winds blow, Calgary looks for chinooks and Victoria focuses on crocuses.

Rebel Young

In our series of contemporary biographies (see the earlier blog “Health fails, Simpkins passes”), we present a short summary of the life of rock singer Rebel Young. He was born in a small town in the US Midwest. His real name was Peter Edward Young, but at 13 he took the stage name Rebel and […]

Health fails, Simpkins passes

Well-known theologian Dr. Thomas Simpkins passed away November 31 at his home in Layaway, Georgia. He was born Simpkins Tompkins but, for reasons never made clear, later changed his name to Thomas Simpkins. He began his studies at Fundamentalist Baptist Bible College in Narroway, Texas, earning a Bachelor of Evangelical and Systematic Theology. He went […]