An Open Letter regarding Canada Post

The recent survey sent out by Canada Post to people in my neighbourhood (and to people in many other Canadian neighbourhoods) is an exercise in futility. Canada Post is pretending to consult Canadian citizens but is not really listening. Canada Post is asking us what kind of Community Mail Boxes we want, but the reality […]

It’s Automatic

The latest trend in automobile design is cars that will park themselves. I understand why this feature is so attractive. Parallel parking is a very complex operation. It involves using mirrors, backing up, steering, knowing exactly where all four corners of the vehicle are, and manoeuvring the car in a restricted space. In short, it […]

Only Old Fat Guys Drive Corvettes

It happens so often it should be predictable. You see a hot car on the road—a Corvette, Trans-Am, Ferrari, Jaguar, BMW—and you wonder what international playboy or movie star could be driving it. Then the car pulls into a parking lot and comes to a stop in a handicap space, and a fat old bald […]

Save a Tree

This month, another utility company is urging me to “save a tree” and switch to “paperless billing.” That is, they want to email my monthly bill to me rather than mailing it. It’s a little step I can take to protect the environment, the company says. As an encouragement to take this environmentally friendly step, […]