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Anomalies of the Environmental Movement

One of the anomalies of the environmental movement is the sources of its strength. Support for the Green Party varied widely in the 2015 federal election, but where it produced its best results was somewhat puzzling. The greatest area of strength by far was on Vancouver Island, where Elizabeth May won the only Green seat. […]

The Harsh Winds of Winter

People in Eastern and Central Canada have no idea how greatly we suffer when winter strikes here in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. Take Sunday, for instance. We had a whole inch of blowing snow. This reduced visibility and created slippery conditions, causing a ten-car pileup and shutting down the Trans-Canada Highway. Here in this part […]

A Little Rain

Last weekend, I convinced my son-in-law to stand on an aluminum ladder in the rain and cut the tops off the cedar trees in our front yard with an electric hedge trimmer. The extension cord has a number of splices wrapped in electrician’s tape from when I was learning to use the hedge trimmer a […]

Reflections on an Eclipse

There was an eclipse of the sun in our area today. But I missed it. I couldn’t look at it directly and risk eye damage, of course. My eyesight is bad enough as it is. And I wasn’t going to go online and pay $1,000 for officially certified viewing glasses. I am too cheap for […]

Snow in the Lower Fraser Valley

Snow in the Lower Fraser Valley

  When I first moved to British Columbia’s “Lower Mainland,” I was surprised by how “a little snow”—something which is accepted as normal in other parts of Canada—brought everything to a standstill here. Now that I have lived here a while, I understand a little better. The “Lower Mainland” or “Lower Fraser Valley” is the […]

Earth-Shaking Events

On Tuesday, December 29, about a quarter to midnight, my wife and I were reading in bed when the bed began to vibrate. This is unusual since it is not that kind of bed. We are not those kind of people. Then there was a loud bang, the cat shot off the bed like she […]

Growing Wild

I am pleased to announce that we have gone green. Or organic. Or wild. I am not a professional gardener, so I am not sure of the precise term. What I mean is that we have converted the big flower garden in our back yard to a wildflower garden. For years, we tried to maintain […]

Ancient Ancestors

It was one of the most boring television documentaries I have ever seen, so boring I didn’t finish watching it. Far too many shots of scientific experts standing around in awe and talking about themselves. I really didn’t need to know that one of the scientists used to work in the circus. It didn’t add […]

The Wild Life at Mill Lake III

When I was writing my novel Mountaintop Drive, I drove up to a new subdivision on Sumas Mountain to get the atmosphere and setting right (the subdivision is real, but there is no street called Mountaintop Drive). There I saw several deer grazing on the lawns at the edge of the woods. The houses have […]

The Wild Life at Mill Lake II

Over the twenty or more years that we have been walking at Mill Lake, the same pair of bald eagles have been nesting in a tall tree near the water’s edge.  After going off to feast on spawning salmon in the fall, the eagles return to their home territory late in the year. They nest […]