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Who Were the Wise Men, and Why Did They Go to Bethlehem?

Matthew 2:1-12 tells the familiar story of the “wise men” coming to worship the baby Jesus. The story forms part of Christmas celebrations every year all over the world. In fact, in traditional church calendars, the wise men have their own special day, Epiphany on January 6. But do we ever think about the significance […]

After Christmas

Now that Christmas is over, we return to reality. Perhaps that explains why, once again this year, I became wearied with the trappings of Christmas—all the sappy sentimentality and silly pretense. Even the newspapers and television news programs—the supposed messengers of truth and reality in our society—blithely reported the myth of Santa Claus as if […]

Walking through History

The image of Mary riding on a donkey from Nazareth to Bethlehem while pregnant with Jesus is a beautiful picture. But historically very unlikely. We think that before cars, everyone rode horses or other animals. This is not true. Horses and donkeys, like cars, are expensive and were reserved for the wealthy. The most common […]