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Days of Orr

As a diehard Toronto Maple Leafs fan growing up, I didn’t have much interest in the big, bad Boston Bruins. But when I was recently given a copy of Bobby Orr’s new autobiography (Orr: My Story)—by someone unaware of that past history—I decided to try reading it. I found it surprisingly interesting. Orr says he […]

Hockey Pools

It is a rite of spring. While other hockey teams are competing for the Stanley Cup, my own team has been eliminated from the playoffs, and the ice in the arena has been allowed to melt. Hence the term “hockey pools.” The pools are seasoned with the salt tears of the fans. Participants in hockey […]


Here’s a tribute to the dedicated hockey fan, the one who can be counted on to cheer for his team, no matter what, right to the bitter end. He proudly wears the team jersey and flies the team flag on his car. He leaves work early so he can get home in time for the […]