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Unravelling the Mystery

Shortly after I posted this blog about the upcoming “Telling Stories: A Conference for Writers,” it was postponed, for reasons beyond my control. I apologize for this. I will post again if and when the conference is rescheduled.    For more information about the conference, go to http://mennonitemuseum.org/category/upcoming-events/

The Return of John Smyth

He’s back! After a long hiatus, John Smyth is back. By day, he’s the mild-mannered editor of Grace magazine. By night…he’s still the mild-mannered editor of Grace magazine, but he sometimes solves murders. I am pleased to announce that the fourth John Smyth Mystery has just been published by my own publishing imprint, Mill Lake […]

The Wild Life at Mill Lake III

When I was writing my novel Mountaintop Drive, I drove up to a new subdivision on Sumas Mountain to get the atmosphere and setting right (the subdivision is real, but there is no street called Mountaintop Drive). There I saw several deer grazing on the lawns at the edge of the woods. The houses have […]

The Vault

I have been reading murder mysteries for more than 30 years and have encountered many writers, both good and bad. One of the best is Ruth Rendell, who began writing a series of straightforward, but very good murder mysteries featuring English police detective Reginald Wexford in 1964.             Later, at first under the name Barbara […]