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Miscellaneous Thoughts

A Canadian is someone whose primary loyalty is to the nation from which his ancestors fled in order to escape persecution or poverty. Drummers travel to a different beat. They are flakey, like hockey goaltenders. I remember a time when our high school bandmaster stopped our band in the middle of practice to ask the […]

Christmas Belief

It is the season when everyone in the movies and on television talks about believing—but what they really mean is pretending. Belief is about committing yourself to someone or something. Pretending is about playing games and living in a fantasy world of make-believe. Specifically, popular culture talks about believing in Santa Claus. Of course, nobody […]

Middle of the Night

I don’t know why, but I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about the man who wanted to buy a yacht. One with all the luxuries of home.  The trouble is that he couldn’t afford to buy a yacht.  He ended up buying a rowboat. It didn’t even have a bathroom on […]