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Saving Hope

Saving Hope is a fascinating Canadian TV drama set in a hospital (Hope Zion in Toronto), which recently wrapped up its third season. The unique premise is that Dr. Charlie Harris has recovered and returned to work after having been in a coma for several months following an automobile accident. A lingering effect of the […]

Anything but Gentlemen

I went to see Kingsman: The Secret Service last week. Big mistake. The movie tells the story of “an unrefined but promising street kid” recruited by a private secret service agency composed of sophisticated British gentlemen. The movie has been called “a spy action comedy.” Given those descriptions, I was expecting something like Men in […]

Everything I Have Learned from a Kindergartener

I can only count to four because Mommy only gave me four cookies for lunch. I don’t want Mommy to give me more cookies because then I would grow up into a giant. I don’t want to be a giant because they go around stepping on cars and breaking them. Giants live up in the […]